Upscale Garage-Condos For Sale
on the Monterey Peninsula

Upscale Garage-Condos For Sale
on the Monterey Peninsula

Route 68 Car Condos is an enclave for collectors and automotive enthusiasts to store and display their prized collections. Located in the most easily accessible and central location on the Monterey Peninsula, a world-renowned automotive mecca, the facility overlooks the Monterey Peninsula Airport and offers vistas of the Pacific coast beyond.

The warehouse facility will feature a modern architectural aesthetic with colors and materials conveying a level of quality befitting the luxury automobile collections to be housed inside. Mezzanine level lounges will offer customizable “mancave” private social spaces ideal for work and play.


Various sized condo units will be offered, ranging from 1,200 sf to 5,000 sf+. Whether you are a luxury car owner with a large collection, a casual hobbyist whose home garage is overflowing, or a work-from-home refugee in need of creative and productive space, we can accommodate your customized needs. Options and features include: unique display opportunities for prized vehicles, security provisions, power, lighting and climate controls, transporter circulation, trailer storage, integration of automobile lifts for storage optimization, as well as accommodations for social events.


In addition to allowing owners to upgrade and customize each unit to their particular needs and budget, investing in real estate provides tax advantages and economic benefits not available to renters. It is well known that development of new commercial buildings is extraordinarily challenging on the Monterey Peninsula, providing long term value to those who purchase units. Previous condo warehouse developments on the Monterey Peninsula have sold out swiftly and have demonstrated a track record of reselling at a premium to original pricing.




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